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Fan Mail, Part II

Posted by doktakra on December 6, 2008 at 4:05 PM

For my first all-reader mailbag, click here.

It's that time again -- my inbox is full of questions...or you know, has three emails.  I planned on saving some of these for a later date, but the people demand answers!  As always, these are real questions that I've received from people who visited this site.  Please note that this entry is rated PG-13 for mature language and subject matter -- some material may be unsuitable for children under 13 and parental guidance is strongly suggested.

Q:  You're fantastic! Call me.  (Dec 2, 2008)

So apparently, I am the type to send my picture to a complete stranger.  (Dec 4, 2008)

A random admirer of your puns.

[Ed Note:  The first two were privates messages left on my Deadspin profile page; my response to the first one was that I needed to see a picture prior to calling.  The third was the subject line of an email, which included a photo of the sender.]

Let me just say -- anyone who compliments me and approaches borderline-stalker level in the process is getting into the mailbag.  Okay, that's not true -- anyone who emails me at all is getting into the mailbag, but you get the point.  I'm not gonna lie to you -- I would've probably definitely called, if you'd left a number, because that's just what I do.  I should also note that when I first saw the email, I thought it said "random admirer of your penis," and I didn't even bat an eyelid...I'm not sure what that says about me...or you.  Anyways, I appreciate the kind words, and thank you for being brave enough to let me know that you think I'm both incredibly sexy and hilarious, as well as sending a photo of yourself.  A little less clothes next time, okay?  (That's NOT her on the right, in case you're not aware -- I just needed an excuse to post a picture of the lovely Adrianne Palicki.)

Q:  FYI, your girl is married now.  Does this change anything?

Damn you for making me face reality!  I will address this subject once and for all, and then we will never speak of it again.  Yes, Candace Parker is now married, presumably to Shelden Williams, though she doesn't actually say who she eloped with in the video.  To answer your question -- this changes nothing!  I guess my chances are now a little less realistic than before (so you're telling me there's a chance?), but I wish Candace all the best and hope that she and Shelden have a long and happy marriage.  You know what, screw it -- take it away D'Angelo...

Q:  I'm looking at you tv show picks and I think you'll really like Dexter.  It's in the third season now but you don't need to watch one and two to get it.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

You know, I saw the first two seasons for $20 each on Black Friday, but I hesitated to pull the trigger (um, pun intended?  He's a killer, right?).  I'm regretting it now, because I've heard good things about it ever since.  See, I can't start watching a show without seeing it from the beginning  -- I've done that before and it ruins a lot of the surprises/twists/jokes.  Thanks for the recommendation though...I'll be on the lookout for a good sale.  If anyone has the DVDs or would like to have a question answered in my next mailbag, you know how to reach me...

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Reply Mike F.
8:30 PM on December 18, 2008 
That stalker chick is awesome! Post the pic! <img alt="wink" src="">
Reply anonymous
8:19 AM on December 21, 2008 
that was hilarious! that chick sounds awesome lol.
Reply doktakra
5:59 PM on December 25, 2008 
Yeah, she's cool in my book....not gonna post the pic unless she gives me permission though...but I'd consider emailing it...haha.
Reply fylmjfry
3:03 AM on April 5, 2009 
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